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About Peablossom Cabaret

Peablossom Cabaret was formed in 2013 by Sylvia Bishop and Dylan Townley, who had been working together since 2010 in the Oxford Imps. They wanted to use their short-form improv skills in the cabaret style. "It's exciting to bring those skills of modern improv to a much-loved tradition," explains Sylvia. "The improv we grew up on was basically people in jeans and t-shirts being funny on the spot. What if we do that in early 20th-century Paris? With crazy costumes and a bunch of instruments?" Dylan says "we have developed characters who improvise, instead of being ourselves on stage. We hope that adds an extra dimension of comedy for the audience and, if nothing else, some gorgeous curtain fabrics to admire in our dress while we sing about your pets".


The Peablossom Cabaret is a genre-crossing comedy act sprung from the UK improv scene. The rebirth of British improvisation inspired by American schools such as Chicago's Second City and Upright Citizens' Brigade in New York has produced UK comedy favourites including Austentatious, Showstoppers and Whose Line Is It Anyway?. PBC is also inspired by this alt-comedy heritage, blending lyrical improvisation with character comedy, cabaret spectacle and musicianship. They have been active since January 2014 and are already making waves on the London comedy scene and at festivals.

Press Bites

  • Dylan Townley (Mr Pea) has been a gigging jazz pianist since he was 15
  • Sylvia Bishop (Miss Blossom) has played in touring symphony orchestras
  • Between them they play piano, flute, acoustic guitar, accordion, piccolo, bass guitar, tuba, bass trombone and drums, and both are acclaimed freestyle comedy rappers
  • The pair met at Oxford University and have worked together since 2010. Their performance activities have taken them on UK and international tours to the USA, collaborative shows in the Netherlands, and sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe
  • In the USA they played sell-out crowds in Providence and New York, in between hanging out with nuns in Nashville
  • Sylvia won Fringe of the Fringe in Edinburgh 2011. She has a great fringe
  • Dylan climbed Ben Nevis in a tortoise costume
  • Peablossom Cabaret wowed the crowd at a country-estate festival then participated in a re-enactment of a failed coup in the Seychelles and a reading of The Owl And The Pussycat on a rowing boat
  • While touring with a Shakespeare play in Japan, Dylan became expert at the popular arcade game Melty Blood: Actress Again
  • Alongside her cabaret career Sylvia has entertained EU delegates in Senegal with hard-hitting electoral analysis - and though requested to freestyle rap at the conference, declined due to the risk of causing a booty-shaking political earthquake


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Edinburgh Fringe

2014 is Peablossom Cabaret's first time at the Edinburgh Fringe! "We're thrilled to take Peablossom to Edinburgh", says Dylan. "The Fringe is the perfect place to perform a new show every day, made up on the spot about the audience." Sylvia adds "Mr Pea and Miss Blossom will be quite at home at the Fringe. Where else can you walk down the street, looking like late Victorian furniture, and have families talk to you as if you're the perfect hostess?"

Every show will feature never-before-heard songs tailored to the audience. There will be no fewer than three surprise instruments, impeccable hosting by Mr Pea and Miss Blossom, a high-power water pistol, captivating stories and toe-tapping tunes.

The PBC will perform 2-23 August, 4pm at Dario's - an Italian restaurant with an up-and-coming comedy club in the basement. Peablossom Cabaret is proud to be performing as part of PBH Free Fringe. Every show will be gobsmackingly free with a collection at the end.

Hi-Res Press Photos

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Dylan Townley (Mr Pea) (Colour, 300dpi, portrait)

Sylvia Bishop (Miss Blossom) (Colour, 300dpi, portrait)


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